pee on the go

the urinal for sporty women

"Pee on the go, in any situation ..." with the help of a women's urinal that is extremely easy to use, reusable, comfortable to wear and hygienic.

The bladder is full and nowhere a toilet in sight! Many women are familiar with this problem. This urinal can be worn for several hours and put on long before you need to go to a toilet. It enables women to urinate easily, discreetly and safely in the wild, while doing their sports, in public, in a wheelchair or in unsanitary toilets. It enables women to urinate "lying down, sitting down or simply standing up" like men ". The urine can be discharged into urine bags or directly into the open air or into the toilet using the drain hose. This urinal can be used very versatile.

While doing sport:

  • gliding
  • para gliding
  • piloting
  • hang gliding
  • drysuit diving
  • female racers
  • canoeing
  • sailing



But also:

  • Truck drivers
  • generally in the outdoor and camping area
  • visiting festivals
  • Incontinence women
  • Women with bladder weakness
  • Paraplegic women (spinal paraplegia)
  • on long trips

The urinal:

The urinal is an alternative to the previous diaper or catheter care for incontinent women or patients who need to use a urinal from a medical point of view. This urinal is also extremely useful for women who have no opportunity to go to the toilet for several hours.



With this device women can easily pee on the go.

Wherever you are or whatever you do - it's easy peesy!