The easy peesy device



This urinal makes it ideal for women who have no opportunity to go to the toilet for several hours. E.g. Pilots, paraglider pilots, dry suit divers, athletes, festival visitors, in camping and outdoors, on long car trips or travel flights. 

Wherever there is no toilet available or the hygienic conditions of using the toilet do not appear to be inviting. The female urinal hass been tested by many athletes over the past 25 years. Everyone is enthusiastic about the easy handling. It enables a quick and hygienic way to urinate. Even when standing urinating is easy peesy!

Bild: Frauenurinal
Frauenurinal mit Ableiteschlauch


The molded part is made of 100% food-safe, skin-friendly plastic. It is very durable, flexible, soft and tear proof.

When running, the urinal is a bit uncomfortable. On the other hand, it is hardly noticeable when lying and sitting.


The urinal is put on before the intended activity and can also be worn for a whole day.


Thanks to the urinal and drainage hose, the urine can be conveniently dispensed in a urine bag and you stay dry at the end and don't have to sit in damp diapers.


If the urine is dispensed with even pressure, everything usually stays dry and no urine runs out of it.


Connect the discharge hose to the molded part

The valve piece made of hard plastic is pushed with the thicker side into the urinal and with the thinner side into the approx. 25 cm long drain hose (100% silicone). When cleaning this piece of hose can also be removed so that everything can be cleaned thoroughly.

The urine bag is attached to the drain hose.

Putting on the urinal

The urinal (the molded part) is inserted into the vagina with the longer side facing downwards, like a kind of tampon, whereby it must be ensured that the labia surround the slightly more flexible corrugated part. The opening of the urinal must be placed in front of the ureter exit. The urinal is held in position by the slip / underpants.

Aviators can leave the urine bags in the cockpit next to the legs or oxygen bottle compartment and connect them to the molded part before use.


Divers can plug the discharge hose directly onto their valve in a dry suit.


After use, clean everything well with soap and warm water and, if necessary, leave it overnight in a disinfectant solution (e.g. cleaning tablets for third teeth).

Panty insert

If a large amount of urine has to be dispensed with a lot of pressure or if the urinal is put on or taken off incorrectly, it can happen that a few drops go wrong. Using a slightly thicker pad / sanitary napkin can prevent this. The panty insert in conjunction with the underpants also serves as a holder for the urinal.