The easy peesy for man

The easy peesy for men excels in comfort, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free flying experience. It introduces a new dimension of well-being.

The 3D-printed molded part of the urinal attaches to the urine bag via a connector, providing a reliable and hygienic solution. For glider pilots, the bag can be stored in the footwell, behind the backrest, or in the oxygen bottle compartment to avoid dealing with full plastic bags in the cockpit. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need to throw bags out of the cockpit.


And the best part:

One size fits them all! (Length: 100 mm, Diameter: 32 mm)

Whether you're endowed with size large, huge, or humongous - our men's urinal always fits!

With easy peesy, you're ready for any challenge - be it traveling, sports, or in the air.