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easy peesy for women

Do you know the feeling when your bladder is full and there's no toilet in sight? Many women know this problem all too well. But don't worry, we have the solution!

Our easy peesy for women is specifically designed to solve this everyday dilemma exspecially while doing sport in vehicles. It can be worn for several hours and put on well before the actual activity is starting. Whether you are in the great outdoors, in sports equipment, in public, in a wheelchair, or using unhygienic toilets, our easy peesy allows you to urinate easily, discreetly, and safely. It enables women to urinate lying down, sitting, or simply standing "like men." The urine can be discharged via the drainage tube into secretion or urine bags, or directly into the open or the toilet. This versatility makes our urinal indispensable for:

During sports:

  • Gliding
  • Paragliding
  • Hanggliding
  • Dry suit diving
  • Car racing
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing

Applicable for:

  • Female truck drivers
  • General outdoor and camping activities
  • Festivals
  • Incontinent women
  • Women with bladder weakness
  • Women with paraplegia (paraplegia, spinal cord injury)
  • On long journeys

Our urinal is an alternative to traditional diaper or catheter use for incontinent women or patients who need to use a urinal for medical reasons. However, the "easy peesy" is also perfect for women who do not have access to a toilet for several hours.

Discover the freedom and flexibility that our easy peesy offers today, and experience how you can stay comfortable and self-determined in any situation!

easy peesy for man

In our range, you'll find not only female urinals but also an easy peesy for men wich can be also used with urine bags. Developed to provide men with a practical solution for urinating in various situations, our easy peesy is ideal for long car journeys or for pilots (glider pilots, motor pilots, para gliders, hang gliders, etc.). It allows simple and discreet urination without the hassle of dealing with complicated condoms or plastic bags.

This ensures you can hit the loo anytime - it's easy peesy!