The easy peesy for women

The easy peesy - a versatile urinal for women that steps in wherever a conventional toilet is lacking or hygiene conditions are less than inviting. Ideal for athletes, visitors of festival, camping and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as on long car trips or flights.

The easy peesy has proven itself over the past 30 years and has been successfully tested by many female athletes.

The entire German Women's Gliding National Team swears by it. Its easy handling makes it a quick and hygienic solution to pee on the go.

The principle:

The easy peesy is made from 100% food-grade and skin-friendly plastic. This high-quality material ensures durability, flexibility, softness, and tear resistance of the molded part. While wearing the easy peesy it may feel a bit uncomfortable during walking, whereas it is hardly noticeable when lying down or sitting.

The easy peesy is placed before the planned activity and can be worn throughout the day. Through the attached drainage tube, urine can be comfortably directed into a urine bag, ensuring a dry and comfortable wearing experience. This is especially important for individuals who prefer not to sit in damp diapers.

Using the easy peesy is simple and effective:

Connecting the drainage tube:

The hard plastic valve piece is inserted with the thicker side into the easy peesy, and connected to the approximately 25 cm long drainage tube with the thinner side. This ensures a secure drainage of urine into the urine bag and prevents a vacuum inside the bag. The urine bag is attached to the drainage tube.


Inserting the easy peesy:

The blue easy peesy molded part, with the longer side pointing downwards and backwards, is inserted into the vagina like a tampon, about 3 cm deep. It's important that the labia majora surround the slightly movable ribbed part well. The opening of the easy peesy must be positioned in front of the urethral opening. The easy peesy is held in place by wearing underwear.


Attaching the urine bag:

  • The urine bag can be secured to a leg with a leg strap.
  • Aviators can place the urine bags in the cockpit's footwell, in the oxygen bottle compartment, or behind the backrest and connect them to the easy peesy just before take off or usage.
  • Divers can plug the drainage tube directly into the valve on the dry suit.

Cleaning and care:

After use, everything should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. Optionally, the easy peesy can be left overnight in a disinfectant solution (e.g., cleaning tablets for dentures).


Preventive measures:

Using a slightly thicker liner or sanitary pad can prevent leakage. The liner, when combined with underwear, also ensures a good fit for the easy peesy.

With even pressure, everything typically remains dry without leakage. Therefore, the easy peesy provides a reliable and hygienic solution for women in various situations.

With these simple steps, you can use the easy peesy safely and efficiently, whether flying, diving, or engaging in other activities.