Finally a 100 km FAI triangle thanks to easy peesy!

So far, my cross-country flights often ended not because of a lack of thermal connection, but because I had to pee. I've had bad experiences with diapers and then I didn't really dare. The easy peesy can even be pushed in quickly behind the tree at the launch site. I wear tight boxer shorts with panty liner so that everything fits well and nothing happens if a droplet is next to it. I then simply run the hose down through the trouser leg. I have a piece of old stockings on my ankle, where I pull the end of the hose through and fix it exactly on the side. So nothing goes on shoes or harnesses. Once you sit in the harness you hardly feel the esasy peesy at all and there is no peeing stress. I am totally happy that nothing stands in the way of the long distances with the paraglider!

Thank you for this great invention!


Experience Report on Letting It Flow While Paragliding

An article by Julia Jauss on the pros and cons of the options in comparison. Published in DHV-Info 228, March 2021 (German Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association).


Long distance flights? No problem!

Almost all pilots of the current women's national gliding team are using this system. A lot of other national teams too! Long, exhausting flights are no longer a problem! A sufficient amount of water can be drank without having to bother to go to the toilette afterwards or sit in wet diapers for the rest of the flight. You just pee on the go. To stay hydrated is the mayor key for keeping up your concentration during the entier flight.